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No matter your major in college or university, you must be able to write and to communicate clearly, effectively, and eloquently.  There is very little about the traditional 5-paragraph essay or the typical research report assigned in high school that prepares students for the rigors of higher education, not to mention the “teaching to the test” approach widely practiced now. 
I invite you to read the blog post, “Employers Want 18th-Century Skills,” by Dr. Mark Bauerlein, Professor of English at Emory University. The fact that students at a top-tier university cannot produce “a one-page synopsis, a clear and short and simple but comprehensive description” of a paper written in their own field shows that the problem of effective reading, writing, and critical thinking is widespread.  
Unfortunately, this situation is seen as the exclusive domain or problem of college and university English departments.  In response, they are offering an ever-increasing number of Freshman and remedial writing courses, the majority of which are taught by over-worked, under-paid, part-time instructors (see the AAUPMLA, and AHA websites for more detailed information).  In many cases, these instructors teach upwards of five sections a semester, with each section having up to 30 students.  Can one instructor, being paid less than an employee at WalMart (Bousquet), give 150 students and literally thousands of pages of writing the diligent attention they both need and deserve?
College Ready Writing provides personalized services to help students at any level improve their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills so as to promote success in higher education and beyond. It is never too early (or too late!) to begin improving and perfecting these essential skills.
Meet the founder of College Ready Writing, Dr. Lee Elaine Skallerup, including comments from her students.
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