College Readiness

College Readiness Course

High school Juniors and Seniors spend thousands of dollars on SAT/ACT prep courses.  These courses may improve the students' test scores and help them get into college, but they do nothing to prepare the students for academic success once they arrive on campus.  

The purpose of this course is to give incoming freshmen a leg up on their college or university career. It is also suitable for upperclassmen looking to enhance their skills.  Not only does this course focus on the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills expected of a student in higher education, but also on successful strategies students can use to maximize their experience and get the most from the investment they are making in their futures.

A student’s freshman year is full of new challenges and responsibilities: a full course load, a job, roommates, social life, homework, extra-curricular activities … the list goes on and on.  Courses such as Freshman Writing often end up getting pushed aside, or lost in the chaos and excitement of the freshman experience.   These responsibilities and distractions are often combined with the pressure that comes from the connection of financial aid and scholarships to academic achievement.  Higher education is a major investment, and a student needs to be prepared.  Why not take a little time each week to prepare for your first semester?

There are ten units in this course.  While the course could be completed in ten days, the expectation is that it will be completed in 5-10 weeks.  Each unit will focus on 1-2 skills the student will need, complete with writing exercises and detailed feedback.  Each face-to-face session will last an hour and the student will be expected to complete approximately one hour of reading, writing and/or research in preparation for each unit.  It is important to note that in order for a student to receive the full benefit of this course, they need to complete all of the work assigned to them and take the exercises seriously.  Simply going through the motions will likely result in little improvement or progress in the student’s skills.

After signing up for the class, the student will be asked to write a short essay describing their general goals for college or university as well as their specific goals for the course.  No mere statement of the student’s individual needs, the essay will serve as the diagnostic baseline of current writing skill and will be evaluated for grammar, structure, and content.  From there, the subsequent units and assignments will be tailored to the individual student. 

This course is also ideal for students who are returning to school after a prolonged absence. It is a perfect way gradually to reenter the student mindset while also ensuring that your skills are up-to-date and you are ready for the challenges of returning to school.
The special introductory price of the course is $495, which represents a substantial discount from the regular price of $995.  Please be sure to read the biography of Dr. Skallerup, as well as former students’ comments on her teaching. You can also download our flier and brochure for more information.

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