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Online writing course for K12, Higher Ed, and Homeschool

25 research-proven lessons, completed on your schedule, designed specifically to create a bridge between high school & college writing—so that students, teachers, & parents all have confidence they’re working with THE key skills for success.

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Your Dress Rehearsal For Success

Are you headed to college? Responsible for students who are? Preparation is everything. You wouldn’t run through a stage performance for the first time on opening night. 

Same with college. It’s not a good idea to show up on day one with no clue what you’re expected to do. 

When you have the opportunity to fully practice in advance, your chances for crushing college academics go up substantially.

Step Forward With Confidence

Am I ready for it? Can I do the work? These and similar questions understandably race through a student’s (and parent’s!) mind on the cusp of entering this new, unfamiliar world. 

Much of the college guidance available focuses on choosing a school…filling out applications…securing financial aid—but is there something that can address how a student will actually FEEL when they sit down in a college classroom for the first time? 

Yes. College-Ready Writing Essentials does. How? Read on.

The #1 Skill Linked to College Success

We want you to experience confidence and excitement in that big transitional moment—not fear and/or dread.

So here’s a not-often-discussed-enough fact: WRITING is THE skill most linked to academic success. Who says so? “Just” ALL the research! And this has been proven true across disciplines, too, no matter your major. 

The lack of college-ready writing skills is actually a huuuge part of why many students who begin college fail to complete it—or are forced to pay for expensive remedial classes just to catch up (see the stats below).

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Unfortunately Unaligned

So what’s going on? Well, a very well-documented problem in education is that high school writing instruction and college writing expectations typically do not align. The origins of this situation are complex; no one is at “fault.” 

That doesn’t change the fact that The Nation’s Report Card reports 73% of graduating high school seniors enter college unready for the challenges ahead.

Take a look at this quick comparison chart—how do your writer’s current writing skills stack up?

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National Center for Education Statistics
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$1.5 Bil

Ed Reform Now
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Creating a Bridge

The 25 lessons in College-Ready Writing Essentials are targeted to tackle writing readiness (and, in turn, overall readiness) head-on.

BetterRhetor’s Dr. William Bryant has extensively studied the research and carefully-crafted a “bridge” to help you develop what have been proven to be THE most necessary skills.

The thing is…it’s actually NO MYSTERY what goes into making a college-ready writer! Several frameworks already exist spelling out exactly what researchers have identified as the knowledge, skills, and abilities most important to master pre-college.

It’s just that no one has ever put it all together for students and teachers in an easy-to-use way. Until now.

A Course Built Just For This Moment

BetterRhetor wants to help you get confident, and get ready. To accomplish this, the instruction in College-Ready Writing Essentials centers around the task of composing a 3-5 pg authentic, research-supported academic essay—the EXACT kind of writing students will repeatedly be asked to produce as undergrads. 

College-Ready Writing Essentials guides writers (and their teachers!) step-by-step through the process of outlining, drafting, revising, and finalizing a first-rate college-level essay, just like the ones you can read here. 

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The Ultimate Life Hack

The truth is, writing doesn’t HAVE to be such a struggle. 

It IS possible to brim with excitement when facing that first assignment in college, knowing with certainty you’re prepared. All it takes is some practice—and the right resource.

Our goal is to permanently change your idea of what writing is about. Rather than being terrible/intimidating/extremely not fun, College-Ready Writing Essentials aims to show you just how empowering & liberating killer writing ability actually can be. (There’s a reason why, year after year, employers list great communication as one of their most
in-demand skills—see here.)

If your classroom or home does need College-Ready Writing Essentials, why wait? Get ready BEFORE the curtain goes up on the next, exciting stage of education—and life.

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BetterRhetor’s College-Ready Writer Checklist lays out everything a college-ready writer must be able to do in easy-to-understand language! Whether you are learning the skills yourself…or teaching them to your students or child, this is THE “college-ready writer bible” you won’t find anywhere else!


How do I know College-Ready Writing Essentials will help me?

We designed College-Ready Writing Essentials on deeply researched, evidence-centered principles, so that students can have a high level of confidence that they are acquiring the competencies most needed for college-level writing success.

If you’re interested, you can read about the underlying research and the design of College-Ready Writing Essentials in our White Paper.

What's the difference between the Canvas and Teachable versions of College-Ready Writing Essentials?

We offer our two versions of College-Ready Writing Essentials in order to accomodate multiple learning environments. The K12/Higher Ed “classroom” version is teacher-facilitated & is delivered via the Canvas platform, a popular LMS used by colleges & universities (and high schools too). The “home” version is self-guided & is delivered via Teachable for individuals who wish to work at their own pace outside of a traditional school setting.

How hard is College-Ready Writing Essentials?

To quote one of our favorite homeschooler reviews: “College-Ready Writing Essentials is not a course for the faint of heart.” Okay, fair enough…but this is intentional. 

Studies show that academic rigor prior to college is perhaps the most important factor in preparing students for college success. (See here and here.) Many high school graduates are unprepared for college precisely because their high school curriculum was not demanding enough.

Even so, it’s important to note that being prepared for college means being ready to learn at the college level—not already adept at college-level work. So, while College-Ready Writing Essentials is challenging, we also understand that you may be unfamiliar with some of the things you’ll be asked to do, and that you’re just starting out. Dr. Bryant’s instruction keeps all of the above in mind, and very effectively walks any committed student step-by-step through what they need to know.

How long will College-Ready Writing Essentials take to complete?

College-Ready Writing Essentials was originally developed as a five-week, intensive module. However, it is also completely customizable to anyone’s unique classroom or family schedule. Whether you are a teacher/admin or student/parent, the program is yours to do with as you wish.

With the Canvas version, a teacher receives full access for the length of the purchased contract (lengths available from 1yr to 8yrs). Enrolling in the Teachable version provides families with immediate lifetime access—across any and all devices owned—so the timeline is completely flexible. College-Ready Writing Essentials can be repeated (or referred back to) as many times as needed.

Who can I contact with questions, problems, kudos?

Hit us up anytime via the form or email at the bottom of this website. Connect on our socials too! Someone—probably Becky—will get back to you asap (which usually means whenever Walker can take his nap)!

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