An online, teacher-facilitated, supplemental resource aimed at creating a bridge between high school & college writing. Delivered via Canvas.

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1YR Digital $26.95 | 2YR Digital $49.90 | 4YR Digital $87.80 | 8YR Digital $159.60
(Orders placed through EMAT beginning May 11, 2020)

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Entering college students, regardless of their field of study, are more likely to succeed when:


They have experience with extended, authentic composition;
They understand the behavioral and performance expectations of college academics;
They have developed metacognitive awareness of themselves as learners and of the culture and institutions around them.

CRWE helps guide students in all three of these domains, reflecting the best of what we know about college-ready writing practices, principles, and theory.


CRWE provides a deeper, more focused learning experience than many other instructional resources, while covering over half of the English III and English IV TEKS. Standards for vocabulary, self-sustained reading, reading comprehension, reading response skills, writing processes, and inquiry and research are covered throughout CRWE.


The resource is modular, so that it can be slotted easily into existing courses.


Ideal For:
English III, English IV
Conventional or Online Classrooms
AP English: Language and Composition
College Prep English
Dual Credit Courses
Summer Workshops
Any Writing-Intensive Course

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College-Ready Writing Essentials™—Texas Edition works with any IMS Global Certified system; Delivered online via Canvas; Operating systems: Windows 7 and newer, Mac OS 10.6 and newer; Computer speed and processor: 1GB of RAM, 2GHZ processor; Internet speed: minimum of 512KBPS; Word processing software.

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