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College-Ready Writing Essentials focuses on substance and understanding, not just a final writing product. This is the kind of college preparation students need most. In college, students learn to develop a broader perspective and see the bigger picture. I think College-Ready Writing Essentials is a great stepping stone to that.”

CLERISSA VICKERY, English IV Teacher, Elbert School District, Colorado

“I could not agree more with the writing gap between high school and college! Most colleges require a freshman writing course in an attempt to level the playing field. Having taught HS English and then a college freshman writing class, I saw the vast difference (and lack) of writing abilities from students coming from several different states. I would say 1 out of 30 had skills that only needed honing.”

CHRISTINE MITCHELTREE, Curriculum & Instruction Support Specialist, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16


“The course has given me tools, from the initial brainstorming phase, to the actual writing stage, that I needed as an academic writer. It was like a teacher taking you by the hand, through each step of the writing process, and allowing your writing potential to unfold. My feedback-peers have noticed an improvement in my writing. I’ve become more calm when approaching my writing process, and more clear with regards to choosing my topics. I highly recommend taking the BetterRhetor course. It will boost your self-confidence.”


Teachers/Admins—Go From All-Star to Rock Star!

Calling all kick-ass high school teachers & admins seeking the very best for their students! Here ya go. College-Ready Writing Essentials is out-of-the-box, top-notch, flexible instruction you won’t find anywhere else. Add “college alignment” to your superpowers today to give your kids the greatest advantage going forward! Feel awesome knowing everything is already taken care of for you, and for them. 

We’ve set up a demo site if you’re interested in checking out CRWE for your dept, school, or district.

Ideal For:

English III/IV, AP, dual credit, early college, college-readiness, gifted & talented, charter network, online learning, supplemental ed, summer workshop, freshman college (composition/rhetoric) classrooms, and more! Contact us if you’re wondering about your own situation!


• Delievered online via Canvas

• 25 ready-to-use, teacher-facilitated lessons

• Targeted, flexible, deeply-researched

• Walks students (and teachers!) step-by-step through the process of writing a 3-5pg research-supported persuasive essay—exactly the kind of extended composition students will be expected to produce in college



• Typically pers student per year, starting at $26.95 each

• Multi-year contracts—up to 8 yrs—are available & reduce the per student cost (ex. 8 yrs = $19.95 per student)

• Talk to us about custom plans


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