College-Ready Writing Essentials

Learn how to harness the #1 Secret to College Success BEFORE your teen leaves home…and stop worrying now! 

My easy-to-use, done-for-you, online instruction helps your student be fully prepared from Day One. Find out what to expect…how that differs in big ways from high school…and what must happen now to avoid the typical (and costly!) pitfalls so many entering college kids experience.

I developed my signature home program, College-Ready Writing Essentials, to ensure your family has a smooth transition ahead. Based on decades of my own experience with students transitioning after high school, this step-by-step resource addresses the EXACT skills research proves most necessary for college success.

Make your life simpler AND take your home classroom to the next level today—a less-stress, confident send-off IS possible! 

Study after study shows that writing is  the academic skill most linked to student success in college—and that this is true no matter a student’s major.


Expert Instruction

Each of the 25 Lessons in College-Ready Writing Essentials was created by me, Dr. William Bryant, to walk high schoolers (and their parent/instructor) through the creation of a 3-5 pg extended, persuasive, research-supported essay—the SAME type of paper first-year college students will be expected to repeatedly produce in their new classes, no matter their major (yes, scientists and engineers must be able to communicate effectively too!).

Not feeling so sure yourself re: how to teach writing? Let me do it for you! Gain a solid understanding of professors’ insta-expectations—and get your student(s) started right!

Lesson 1: Overview

Lesson 2: Task, Audience, Purpose
Lesson 3: Selecting a Topic
Lesson 4: Researching a Topic
Lesson 5: Reading Perceptively
Lesson 6: Defining an Issue
Lesson 7: Connecting a Specific Issue to a General Concern
Lesson 8: Mapping Perspectives
Lesson 9: Taking a Position
Lesson 10: Outlining Your Essay
Lesson 11: Outline – Peer Reviews

Lesson 12: Rhetorical Appeals
Lesson 13: The Introduction
Lesson 14: The Introduction – Peer Reviews
Lesson 15: The Body – Background & Analysis
Lesson 16: The Body – Your Position and Supporting Argument
Lesson 17: The Body – Addressing Counterarguments
Lesson 18: The Body – Peer Reviews
Lesson 19: The Conclusion

Lesson 20: Self Review
Lesson 21: Self Review – Content and Structure
Lesson 22: Self Review – Language
Lesson 23: Peer Reviews

Lesson 24: Finalizing
Lesson 25: College-Ready Writing


  • 25 One-of-a-Kind Online Lessons addressed directly to the student
  • Developed by Dr. Bryant for U.S. high schools, colleges, and universities and adopted by the Texas State Board of Education for SY 2020-2028—now available for home use!
  • Digital Worksheets & Assignments (delivered as .docx or Google Docs)
  • Going Beyond Exercises
  • Sample Essays (demonstrating “Excellent,” “Competent,” and “Developing” levels)
  • Models and Finalized Model Essays
  • Key Terms, Competencies Framework
  • Personalized Feedback from Dr. Bryant on your teen’s final essay
  • Can be completed in as few as 5 weeks
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee—enroll at no risk!


  • Transform your teen from “meh” writing ability to rocking killer skills for school AND career
  • Help your student develop the critical thinking skills needed for future life success
  • De-mystify the new landscape ahead, and have your child fully understand what’s needed to avoid First-Year Flame-Out
  • Gain peace of mind knowing they’re prepared to start strong, and avoid expensive delays/remediation
  • Avoid early drop-out, or failure to graduate—DON’T add to the poor stats (see below)!

What Families Like Yours

Are Saying…

College-Ready Writing Essentials offers homeschoolers who are unable to participate in a college-prep level writing class, the opportunity to receive excellent instruction… I highly recommend the premium package.

Cathy Duffy
Cathy Duffy Reviews 5/8/20

[College-Ready Writing Essentials] goes beyond the mechanics to help students understand such things as the expectations for college-level writing, the importance of critical thinking, how to express their own ideas based on information and research, how to present arguments, the importance of taking into consideration what a course instructor will be looking for, and how to work with peers.

Cathy Duffy
Cathy Duffy Reviews 5/8/20

The unique beauty of the BetterRhetor course is in its approach. There are no assignments like, ‘Write a 1,000 word persuasive essay on (insert boring subject student doesn’t care about here).’ …I highly and wholeheartedly recommend BetterRhetor for high school writing. You will find it easy to follow, enjoyable for the student, and helpful in understanding the quality and expectation necessary for college writing success.

Shannan Swindler
Captivating Compass

There are so many amazing resources within this very thorough course. For any student (or adult) who is looking to strengthen their skills in writing and research, this is definitely a wonderful resource…College-Ready Writing Essentials doesn’t just teach writing but also an understanding of how each part of an essay works…We aren’t just tossing words and phrases around. It’s so much deeper than that.

Jennifer King
A Peace of Mind

I cannot stress enough how helpful Dr. Bryant’s personal feedback was for A. If you are like me, it can be hard to help guide and teach your child/student through the complete process of writing and give feedback. Having Dr. Bryant’s feedback really completed the program for me as it gave A. ideas and suggestions for improving her personal writing. This was so valuable!

Kathryn Cummins
Cummins Life

I truly do believe this course is worth every penny.

Nicole Cole
Some Call It Natural

If you are seeking a well-researched program to help your student learn the academic skills needed beyond high school, this is an excellent program. The level of detail is spot on for each step of the writing process.

Laura O'Neill
Day by Day in Our World

This is an excellent intensive course that would be very suitable for a high school senior, or motivated high school junior, or for a summer preparation course for a high school graduate. It is not light or casual, but takes a serious approach to building the necessary skills for students who want to be well prepared for college academics.

Kym Thorpe
Homeschool Coffee Break

I thought the program was extremely thorough. It covered everything a student heading off to college would need to know about writing. I love the fact that we have lifetime access…If you have a student heading off to college, or if they just want to become a better writer, I highly recommend this online writing course! I promise your student will not regret it.

Monique Gilkison
Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

Homeschool moms want curriculum that can be used independently by their students without much help, especially at the high school levels. This course delivers exactly that—top-notch instruction without any hassle for mom.

Abby Banks
Making Room 4 One More

I was low-key ready to give you a co-teaching credit for as much as I leaned into your work. Five Stars. Extremely satisfied.

Matt B.
Teachers Pay Teachers

College-Ready Writing Essentials focuses on substance and understanding, not just a final writing product. This is the kind of college preparation students need most. In college, students learn to develop a broader perspective and see the bigger picture. I think College-Ready Writing Essentials is a great stepping stone to that.

Clerissa Vickery
ELA Teacher, Elbert School District #200, Colorado

Having taught HS English and then a college freshman writing class, I saw the vast difference (and lack) of writing abilities from students coming from several different states. I would say 1 out of 30 had skills that only needed honing. I would highly recommend parents and schools getting on board with College-Ready Writing Essentials—college is an investment and this is a great way to protect the investment you are about to make.

Christine Mitcheltree
Curriculum and Instruction Support Specialist, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16

Too Many Students Are Not Prepared
to Succeed in College


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Helping You Create a Bridge Between High School and College Writing for Your Teen

Primarily short responses and worksheets: “writing without composing”

Multiple-page source-based compositions: reports, essays, position papers, reviews

Formulaic structures, such as the 5-paragraph essay and 11-sentence paragraph

Structure determined by student author according to needs of their project, formulas are avoided

Students write to standardized topics and prompts

Students discover topics and explore issues that they care about

Students’ cultural identity, background, and experience are off limits in academic writing

Students’ cultural identity, background, and experience are important resources that they bring to their academic writing

Evidence-centered persuasive essays are not emphasized

Evidence-centered persuasive essays are the primary type of writing required

The primary purpose of writing is to demonstrate language skills

The primary purpose of writing is to demonstrate critical thinking skills

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