College-Ready Writing Essentials

Homeschool Version


CRWE Homeschool Version

Students/Parents—Worried About Writing?

Anxious college-bound families…no worries, College-Ready Writing Essentials has you covered! We’ve already done all the heavy lifting for you—Dr. Bryant has translated everything he’s learned during his extensive work with student writing into 25 easy-to-follow lessons. The lessons speak directly to the student, orienting them toward their educational life after high school, and the importance of solid writing skills.

If you want to crush college-level academics, College-Ready Writing Essentials is the gold-standard instruction.

Ideal For:

Homeschool, college-bound high schoolers, entering college students, international students, graduate students looking to build & refine their academic writing & critical thinking skills, and more! Get in touch today if you have questions about how College-Ready Writing Essentials might help your own performance or household!


• Delievered online via Teachable

• 25 ready-to-use, self-guided lessons

• Immediate, lifetime access

• Targeted, flexible, deeply-researched

• Walks students (and parents!) step-by-step through the process of writing a 3-5pg research-supported persuasive essay—exactly the kind of extended composition students will be expected to produce in college



• $99 for Full Package

• $199 for Premium Package (includes personalized essay feedbck from Dr. Bryant)


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